Going Home

I think I speak for all the old members that going back to the Asian Liver Center as returning members exactly mirrored the feeling of going home.  The Asian Liver Center is a home away from home (and I would know, driving an hour to my second home in Palo Alto) Seeing our outreach coordinator Amy (whose haircut is extremely adorable and please let her know that~) and of course, the person “who owns us for year” Tini (Nicole), in addition to Dr. So, Jen, and Meredith for a short while, and each other, was reuniting a family, a family that had not seen each other for many weeks, if not months (for some of us were touring the Olympics and thought he was too cool for the Youth Leadership Council – you know who you are!)

I can’t even relate to you readers how I missed so much seeing familiar faces – my Eva-lynn picture buddy who is now a junior (much luck to you);  Daniel Daniel whose gossip-drenched stories I don’t think I could live without; Serena, my ex-roommate with the Taiwan flare (I know, I know, random); my other Cerena who is the life of the party and my missing half; and of course, the MONTA Vista Daniel who will be a freshmen forever more in my mind (and I expect to see our fanatical Korean female Michelle next meeting).

But there have been additions to our family that has made the council extremely diversified this year, all of whom I loved instantly.  From San Mateo to Oakland (did you know Piedmont was in Oakland?! – you learn something everyday), the Bay Area is represented well, especially the East Bay, in which our regional council group is considerably larger than last year!  Looking over the contact list, I realized that with the exception of the Wang brothers (who Cerena deemed to be called collectively as a unit), no two council members, old and new, are from the same school!!  How amazing is that?  And with new faces comes new opportunities to reach new territories with Hepatitis B awareness.  It’s just a theme of new, new, and new this year!

So to all who are reading this post, look forward to a fantabulous, new and improved, Jade Ribbon Youth Council in 2008-2009.  We won’t disappoint. I promise!

Elisabeth Sum

Monte Vista High School (Danville)