Hepatitis B Awareness Week Update

It has been a few months since I have attended a JRYC meeting.  Though it was hard for me to let go of my JRYC, I trust that they are in the tremendous hands of Mindy and Diana.

I would first off like to commend the entire council for its continued exponential expansion of Hepatitis B Awareness Week!  The JRYC has huge plans, and I look forward to the execution of these plans as well as the partnerships formed.  I am aware of 28 cities who have signed on so far (up from 2009’s 22, 2008’s 13, and 2007’s 9)!

Next, I want to share with everyone that the JRYC’s Hepatitis B Awareness Week efforts have inspired the Team HBV Collegiate Chapters to replicate efforts as well!  While I am less familiar with other school’s events, I can tell you that the chapter at Stanford will be holding an event every day of Hepatitis B Awareness Week.  We thank the JRYC for the wonderful idea, continued efforts, and passionate advocacy.

I miss you, JRYC!




The JRYC Take it to San Jose

The Jade Ribbon Youth Council are what I call the babies of the Jade Ribbon Campaign, a campaign aimed to spreading awareness about Hepatitis B.  Not only are we the youngest, ranging from ages 15 to 18, but we’re like the little egg of hope that holds all the potential.

Every year,  in January, the JRYC prepare for submitting proclamations to city councils from the East Bay to the South Bay to recognize a week in May (it used to be March) as Hepatitis B Awareness Week.  It started as only a few cities and now we doubled the number to 21 in only two years! How amazing is that for less than 15 high school students who meet every other Monday?

This year was especially special since on Tuesday May 19th, Global Hepatitis B Day, Hanmin Kim, Yvi Le, Katherine Hsu, Cerena Chen, Daniel Ki, Michelle Kang, Esther Han, and Elisabeth Sum as well as staff members Nicole Tantoco and Dr. Stephanie Chao set out to San Jose City Hall to meet Mayor Chuck Reed and personally recieve the city proclamation in a council meeting. Usually, the proclamations are mailed by the cities but we were honored that the Mayor and his staff cordially invited us to speak on behalf of our cause and to in-person recognize his support.  After a short speech by Cerena Chen thanking the Mayor for the proclamation and many, many photos (to which taking over a thousand photos is our specialty as high school students), we waved good-bye to another year as the Jade Ribbon Youth Council.

So now we’re at an all time-high at 21 cities committed to the Hepatitis B Awareness Week cause (please see the Asian Liver Center website for all cities).  Please look forward to our new record next year and we can’t wait to see you at the Youth Leadership Conference in August!

Always and forever, on behalf of the JRYC,

Elisabeth Sum

Danville, CA – Monte Vista High School

B-Inspired! Contest Kick Off

After much hard work, planning, and thinking, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here!

The Jade Ribbon Youth Council and the Asian Liver Center are proud to present the first annual

B-Inspired! Contest

B-Inspired! Contest is new! Exciting! Inspiring! Rewarding! Fulfilling! Educational! Awareness-bringing! HBV-eradicating! And TOTALLY AWESOME!

Any high school student can enter a 500 word essay or 3 minute video to one of 2 given prompts:

Prompt 1: Please tell us how you or someone you know has been affected with hepatitis B and how you learned to find value in the face of such adversity.

Prompt 2: Make a statement to the Obama Administration asking for increased attention to hepatitis B.

We hope that this contest will bring more awareness to the urgency of hepatitis B eradication and unite more high schoolers to take charge in hepatitis B outreach.

Of course, what would a contest be without prizes? B-Inspired! Contest winners will receive a ticket to California’s Great America, recognition by the Asian Liver Center at LIVERight 2009, and many many many more to come. Check the website or Facebook group for any updates.

For more information, check out http://binspiredcontest.com/.

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=62369692675

Email us at binspiredcontest@gmail.com with any questions. 🙂

Submissions are due April 17, 2009. So, tell your friends! Spread the word! And get those creative juices ready to inspire!

We’re all waiting to hear from YOU,

Evaline Cheng

Lynbrook High School