Jackie Chan Kicks HBV

After Cindy’s awesome outreach to celebrity chef Martin Yan, I was inspired to follow her footsteps. I decided to contact legendary star Jackie Chan. At the time, he was on the other side of the world promoting The Karate Kid in Japan and I was stuck with classes. I wrote him a letter inviting him to join the Jade Ribbon Campaign and asked him to sign the Team HBV shirts to show his support. He graciously complied with my request by signing not one, but two shirts. We showed his picture below at YLC right before watching Rush Hour at movie night. I regret not being able to make the elevator pitch about hep B to him myself, but believe me, I would have hopped on the next available flight to see him if I could!  I did pitch to his translator over the phone, however, and he was the one who brought the T-shirts and Jade Ribbon packet to the martial arts master.

Hopefully we can get Jackie Chan and other celebrities involved in future JRYC outreach projects.  Thanks Jackie- you’re always our hero!


Saint Francis High School ’12

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Love u all

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