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San Mateo Jade Ribbons

May 17th marked our first ever jade ribbon tying event. We beribboned San Mateo 4th Avenue’s trees, poles and posted flyers in nearby stores. Council Member David Lim and even Deputy Mayor Jack Matthews came to support our event by tying a ribbon. Although it was a little damp, everything worked out. We had time to spare for a bonding dinner before heading off to City Hall to accept our proclamation.

Patrick and I arrived early with Diana and Mindy so that Ms. Anne Sullivan could prepare us for the Pledge of Allegiance. We were honored and esctatic. I carried the California Flag, and Patrick carried the U.S. flag. We “walked the aisle” together. Then, Patrick led the Pledge while Mindy worked her excellent photography skills. In our pictures, we look like grinning little kids. Immediately afterwards, Mayor John Lee presented the proclamation and allowed us to share a few words about our council. David Lim elaborated more about the Jade Ribbon Campaign, San Mateo Hep B Free and even posted an entry on his blog!

The San Mateo city council meeting was my last one but the week before, I had gone to my first city council meetings in Millbrae and Daly City. It was nervewracking to speak at all three meetings because they were all broadcasted online. At Daly City, Patrick and I accepted our proclamation from Mayor Guingona. At Millbrae’s council meeting, I led the Pledge of Allegiance and accepted the proclamation from Mayor Seto, whose father had passed away from Hepatitis B.  This month has been a great experience for all of us and a rewarding wrap-up for our 2009-2010 year. But we still have quite a few summer activities like our JRYC reunion, visits with students from China and YLC!

For pictures, visit our Flickr or slideshow.

Cindy Lam
Aragon High/CSM Middle College ‘11

Milpitas Proclamation

Last Tuesday, I walked into my first ever City Council meeting. However, it wasn’t for fun or just to observe; I was there on business: Hep B business. After months of planning, contacting, and following up, it was time for us JRYC to finally reap the fruits of our labor: city-wide proclamations for Hepatitis B Awareness Week – and that’s where the city council meeting comes in.

I must say, as I walked into the Milpitas City Hall, I had this sort of strange feeling – you know, that mixture of nervousness and not knowing anyone around you. However, after the meeting got underway, those tensions melted away. Soon after, the mayor of Milpitas Robert Livengood called me up from the audience – I can hear it now… “Is Jay Wang here tonight” – and read the entire proclamation top to bottom for the people of Milpitas to hear before presenting me with the actual proclamation. As I stood there, holding the proclamation for the cameras, I could only feel a surge of pride in what we the JRYC have been able to accomplish this year. May next year be even better!

Jay Wang

Archbishop Mitty High School ‘11


Hepatitis B Awareness Week was a huge success in the East Bay! We attended city council meetings and accepted proclamations from  the cities of Oakland, Orinda, and Piedmont. We were able to meet the council members and tell them about Hepatitis B.  The cities were amenable to recognizing and joining the fight against liver cancer and the spread of the disease.  We enjoyed meeting Mayor McCormick of Orinda and Mayor Dean Barbieri of Piedmont. We want to give a special thanks to Council member Margaret Fujioka of Piedmont who helped get the Oakland and Piedmont proclamations through.      Jon and Matt Wang, Piedmont

Second to Last Meeting!

Although our numbers were decimated, it was a productive and fun filled meeting. The six of us tied up all the loose ends and evaluated our success during Hep B week while munching on crazy flavors of goldfish. Then, we looked forward and discussed the upcoming summer.

We planned a short four hour mini-YLC for a group of students from China who are visiting and had fun reminiscing about our own experiences at YLC. It’s exciting to think that we’re going to be the team youth leaders this year!

I look forward to the last official JRYC meeting! It’s been a great year and hopefully we’ll be finished with our final team project, a motion typography video, soon :]

Alameda Proclamation

Last Tuesday, May 4, I attended a city council meeting in Alameda to personally receive a proclamation from Mayor Johnson. Everyone was very receptive in proclaiming Hepatitis B Awareness Week and very interested with the disease and how it has escaped public knowledge. The City of Alameda was very supportive in spreading awareness and was grateful for the Asian Liver Center at Stanford for bringing the calamities of Hep B to the city’s attention. It was really great to go to another city and spread the word to people who were interested and ready to join the fight against Hepatitis B.

8 Day Countdown To…

Drumroll-ll-ll please… In exactly 193 hours, HEPATITIS B AWARENESS WEEK 2010 will be underway!!! We would all like to thank the participating cities for their support this year:

American Canyon
El Cerrito
Pleasant Hill
San Francisco
San Mateo
San Pablo
Suisun City
Union City
Daly City
Mountain View
Redwood City
San Jose
San Ramon
Santa Clara
Walnut Creek

View our map to see how city participation has expanded compared to last year.

ALC, Diana, the Jade Ribbon Youth Council, Mindy and the 35 currently participating cities have all worked extremely hard  to prepare for this exciting week. The following two weeks will be packed with city council meetings, where JRYC members will be accepting  proclamations that the above cities have so graciously approved. Patrick and I will be attending Daly City’s and Millbrae’s on Monday and Tuesday.

This year we have two very special events to start off the week: our first ever jade ribbon tying ceremonies in Campbell and San Mateo. San Mateo’s ceremony will be on Monday, May 17th, at 5:00 p.m. City Council Members David Lim and Robert Ross will be joining us to tie the first ribbon at the corner of 4th Avenue and San Mateo Drive by Joy Luck Place restaurant. Bright jade ribbons will run along the entire 4th Avenue between El Camino and San Mateo Drive. We’ll be placing flyers in nearby stores to explain the purpose of this week. Press is being contacted to cover the events as well.

On a side note, good luck to everyone with AP testing and finals! Eat, rest and study well! And don’t forget to do something special for mommy. Summer is teasing us with this great weather.

Cindy Lam

Aragon/CSM Middle College ’11