2009-2010 Jade Ribbon Youth Council

Evaline Cheng (Lynbrook High School)

Along with her infatuation with the JRYC, Evaline (pronounced like Evelyn) loves to laugh hysterically, play games, and trick people with marine animal themed high fives. Her present goals are to learn more about herself and the world around her, to stumble upon a scientific discovery, and most importantly, to eradicate hepatitis B. She is excited to work with all of the amazing people on the council once again!

Jessica Cheng (Los Altos High School)

Jessica is a sophomore at Los Altos High. She is an enthusiastic person who loves to try out new flavors of gum, hang out with friends, read, and play volleyball. Somewhat of a klutz, she gets by everyday with the help of her friends and family. Mornings are her favorite time of day and she likes to take naps in inconvenient places. Jessica is excited for her first year on the JRYC!

Patrick Domingo (Junipero Serra High School)

Patrick Domingo is a returning 2nd-year Jade Ribbon Youth Council Member. He is an aspiring writer/blogger and is interested in entrepreneurship. Some of his interests include writing, photography, boxing, playing the guitar, singing, and anything else that comes to mind. His life goals are to travel, read, meet people, gain immortality and world domination. He’s a business freak as much as he is a book nerd, and can’t stop learning if it tried to divorce him and take half of his money. Despite the pure obsession of always writing down what he wants to get done (and hardly ever fulfilling it), he’s generally a laid back guy who likes to have fun with whoever he’s with.(even if it’s just himself)

Esther Han (Sen10r | Henry M. Gunn High School)
Esther is a proud SEN10R (class of 2010!) at Gunn and is vibrant like a tie-dye shirt, except not as gaudy. When not overloading her brain with schoolwork, she likes singing band music, eating frozen yogurt, and Wikiracing. She loves everything green, including the Jade Ribbon! By working hard as a dedicated second-year JRYC member, she hopes to help globally eradicate HBV.

Walter Hsiang (Junior | Saratoga High School)

Walter Hsiang, a junior at Saratoga High School, loves to do many things. His greatest passion is playing cello in his school orchestra and the California Youth Symphony. When not busy with music, Walter participates in his swim team and Public Forum debate team. As president and VP in many clubs, he leads the California Scholarship Federation, Tri-M, Disabilities Club, and LiveRight at his school. He also likes to collect stamps, do magic tricks, and hang out with friends. He’s thrilled to join the JRYC and fight Hep B!!

Daniel Ki (Junior | Monta Vista High School)

Daniel Ki is a proud, third-year member of the Jade Ribbon Youth Council. Because hepatitis B claimed his grandfather’s life and takes one million lives each year, Daniel strives to see the global eradication of hepatitis B. Besides the JRYC, he is the 2011 Junior Class President, debates, and fences. He also enjoys hanging out with his friends, listening to various genres of music (death metal not included), and rooting for the San Francisco Giants and the San Jose Sharks.

Hamin Sarah Kim (Junior | California High School)

Hamin (Sarah) Kim is a dedicated junior in California High School in San Ramon, California. She feels a great need to give back to the community and to spread knowledge that would better the lives of those around her. She enjoys coordinating various health outreach events and sharing creative ideas for outreach. Hamin became aware of the Jade Ribbon Campaign through a high school club called Future Medical Associates Club, where she helped to organize various health outreach events. Her interests were further sparked when she watched the documentary “Another Life” in the Youth Leadership Conference. Now, as a member of the Jade Ribbon Youth Council, she hopes to be empowered and to inspire youth to solve the problems in their communities. While she studies very hard, she also likes to have fun with friends, and she loves JRYC for the many members who quickly become her friends!

YeonWon Anne Kim (Sen10r | Los Altos High School)

Anne Kim is currently a senior at Los Altos High and excited to be on the JRYC to fight against hepatitis B! When she’s not playing flute, tennis, singing, or trying to eat out at every restaurant possible, she loves to listen to music and chillax with her amigos. Her goals this year are to reach out to the youth about hepatitis B, improve her attention span, and try not to be too OCD about everything.

Stefanie Kong (Sophomore | St. Francis High School)

Stefanie Kong is delighted to be part of the JRYC. This is her first year in the council, but she is very excited to join the ALC family. She is a sophomore at St. Francis High School, where she writes for her school newspaper and is very active in the Interact, International, and Shakespeare Clubs. Stefanie is also the pianist for her school’s chamber choir and string ensemble. She enjoys making new friends, and hopes to eradicate hepatitis B with everyone’s help!

Cindy Lam (Junior | Aragon High School/Middle College at the College of San Mateo)
Cindy Lam, a towering 5 feet and half an inch, loves being a part of Aragon’s Varsity Badminton Team, Mock Trial, The San Matean newspaper, San Mateo’s Youth Activities Council and for the first time, JRYC! During her free time, she volunteers at an emergency room, draws manga, break dances and listens to divine music in languages she barely understands. Her favorite color is unquestionably—jade. And she hopes to continue JRYC’s amazing progress in the battle ring against Hepatitis B.

Yvi Le (Sen10r | Evergreen Valley High School)

As a second-year JRYC member, Yvi Le is helping eradicate Hepatitis B with her enthusiastic vivacity, while still juggling academics, clubs, hospital volunteering, and her varsity position on the badminton team as a senior at Evergreen Valley High School. She strives to live life to its fullest, so she laughs everyday and has a spring in her step. The simplest things make her smile, like late night AIM conversations, Wikipedia, and devouring frozen yogurt and cupcakes.

Anna Shen (Junior | Saratoga High School)

A junior at Saratoga High School, Anna Shen devotes herself to making a difference and putting “service above self.” Although lazy at times, Anna plans events for her own club LiveRight, works as Saratoga Falcon’s Head Copy Editor, and spends her summers doing lab research. Her love for journalism exceeds any of her other passions, with the exceptions of traveling to intriguing countries and watching tennis matches. When not busy, however, Anna loves to kick back, read some Harry Potter, play some board games, and soak in the sun!

Jay Wang (Junior | Archbishop Mitty High School)
A Junior at Archbishop Mitty, Jay Wang tackles life one step at a time. When not doing homework, he preoccupies himself with mock trial, jazz band, and swimming. Trying to find a balance between tradition and change, he likes to think of himself as a “creative conformist.” He is excited for his first year on the Jade Ribbon Youth Council and willing to give it a hundred percent to make it as memorable and successful as possible!

Jonathan Wang (Junior | Piedmont High School)
Jonathan Wang is a junior at Piedmont High School. Between work and school, he still finds time to play tennis in sectional and national tournaments with his brother Matthew. After starting their high school LIVERight chapter, they plan on continuing their efforts to raise hepatitis B awareness. Although “retired” from Acappella, he has been known to break out in song while in the shower, mostly unrecognizable. He still enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as cheering on all of the local sports teams. He is excited about his second year on the JRYC.

Matthew Wang (Sophomore | Piedmont High School)
Matthew Wang is a sophomore at Piedmont High School. His brother Jon and he were Finalists in the North Coast Section Doubles, and their high school team won the North Coast Section Team DII title, both high school firsts. He is never far from his IPOD, computer, or cell phone and he enjoys meeting new people. Easily excited, he savors different forms of music and has been known to read novels under his covers late at night. He is honored to be on the JRYC for a second year.

Angela Zhang (Sophomore | Monta Vista High School)
Angela Zhang is extremely excited for her first year on the JRYC.  Angela loves helping out around the community. She is member of Interact and tutors at the local middle school. At school she challenges herself by being apart of the Speech and Debate team and the Biology club.  In her free time she watches a countless amount of tv shows, reads an endless number of books, and raises awareness for the eradication of Hep B.


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