Cupertino L.R.R.H. (Lur) Event and Lur Group

L.R.R.H. = amazing. Let me explain:

It started off as “Peter and the Wolf”, a story that my YLC team leader, Dylan Kim, “created”. He made it into a story-telling event that would end up being repeatedly used by future JRYC members. I guess the student learned from the teacher just like how I grew interested in organizing the Lur event.

I wanted to improve this event from when I first heard about it. I heard that not many children came to the events in previous years and that some children didn’t know the story. The Lur group tried to fix these things. We tried to find another story, one that was universal. “Little Red Riding Hood.” That was our answer, and we went with it.

We went through weeks of grueling pain and struggle to organize this event. We worked efficiently through email and through meetings to sort through logistics, contact local libraries, finalize our list of libraries, work out list of props, finalize our list of libraries, organize library groups, disband groups, organize new library groups, and many other tasks that do not include eating candy that is meant for the library kids and creating multiple email threads that bug other members.

I have to thank former JRYC members for making this possible. Your experience with story-telling events last year helped the group and me to decide how to approach this project. THANK YOU!

All right, before we move on to the actual Cupertino event, I have to tell a mini-episode: During the “contacting-library” phase, there was a 3-week interim in which I stopped receiving return emails from the manager. I began to send reminder emails on the third week, because there was definitely something wrong. It was only until the week after that third week of silence that I received a reply. The manager was sick… off the job for three whole weeks and “could not get to a computer”. Seriously? So… just stayed in bed for three weeks? It was like two or three weeks before the actual performance and the manager finally responded? Obviously, I was mad. Okay, sickness is an excuse but our event is important! Or is it? That’s when it hit me. They don’t really care about our event. Our flyers weren’t put up. The library did not give us any support, besides letting us use the room. Well? What can I say? This is life. You face certain situations where you might need to put in a little more work… or a lot more work to succeed in finishing your task. Nonetheless, it’s something to think about next year; we might need to put in some manpower in advertising our event.

Back to the actual performance:

Overall great job crew. Came two hours early. I know… tough times tough times, but we had to rehearse and set everything up. If we arrived 30 minutes before the performance, I admit we might have sucked. Thank you Matt and Diana for coming to help us set up and organize last minute details. Thank you Angela for volunteering to come elevator pitch afterwards. Thank you cast for being such a great cast! And thanks to those who brought props. Man, those were hard to deal with.

I truly believe that this project was successful. I’ll wait until Milpitas before I say that statement. So far so good. You all have done a great job and keep on spreading awareness of HBV! Three for Life! Yeeeeeeee.

-Jimmy Zheng (JayZ)


Cupertino Lib. Group

This was the Cupertino LRRH Group after the performance. Only three children wanted to be in the picture...