A Merry Caroling

Today was my first JRYC event, which was caroling at Cupertino Village while also educating the public about Hepatitis B. With our Santa hats and Team HBV shirts, we sang Christmas songs and dispersed into groups to outreach to people. Words truly cannot explain what we experienced. We got a lot of weird looks by shoppers as we struggled just to start the song with the right pitch. This is when I realized what the veteran JRYC members meant by staying brave and not allowing the awkward stares to intimidate us. Once we started it, however, it got easier. We began to sing with our wonderful voices as we moved from one place to another to garner more publicity. I am sure that the families and customers must have had a delightful musical afternoon at Cupertino Village.

I have mixed feelings about the outreach we did. It was definitely hard to be rejected, but it was also very encouraging when some people were willing to stop and listen to some teenagers promote Hepatitis B awareness. We also got some good experience with elevator pitches.

I just want to say good job to everyone for staying positive through all of this experience. I also want to give a big thank you to all the club members who came to help us, and also Ann for watching over us.

As my first JRYC event, this was great. I got a chance to bond with several members who I did not have the chance to talk with before, and now I am definitely excited for the upcoming events!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Stephanie Liu


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