San Mateo Jade Ribbons

May 17th marked our first ever jade ribbon tying event. We beribboned San Mateo 4th Avenue’s trees, poles and posted flyers in nearby stores. Council Member David Lim and even Deputy Mayor Jack Matthews came to support our event by tying a ribbon. Although it was a little damp, everything worked out. We had time to spare for a bonding dinner before heading off to City Hall to accept our proclamation.

Patrick and I arrived early with Diana and Mindy so that Ms. Anne Sullivan could prepare us for the Pledge of Allegiance. We were honored and esctatic. I carried the California Flag, and Patrick carried the U.S. flag. We “walked the aisle” together. Then, Patrick led the Pledge while Mindy worked her excellent photography skills. In our pictures, we look like grinning little kids. Immediately afterwards, Mayor John Lee presented the proclamation and allowed us to share a few words about our council. David Lim elaborated more about the Jade Ribbon Campaign, San Mateo Hep B Free and even posted an entry on his blog!

The San Mateo city council meeting was my last one but the week before, I had gone to my first city council meetings in Millbrae and Daly City. It was nervewracking to speak at all three meetings because they were all broadcasted online. At Daly City, Patrick and I accepted our proclamation from Mayor Guingona. At Millbrae’s council meeting, I led the Pledge of Allegiance and accepted the proclamation from Mayor Seto, whose father had passed away from Hepatitis B.  This month has been a great experience for all of us and a rewarding wrap-up for our 2009-2010 year. But we still have quite a few summer activities like our JRYC reunion, visits with students from China and YLC!

For pictures, visit our Flickr or slideshow.

Cindy Lam
Aragon High/CSM Middle College ‘11


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