Milpitas Proclamation

Last Tuesday, I walked into my first ever City Council meeting. However, it wasn’t for fun or just to observe; I was there on business: Hep B business. After months of planning, contacting, and following up, it was time for us JRYC to finally reap the fruits of our labor: city-wide proclamations for Hepatitis B Awareness Week – and that’s where the city council meeting comes in.

I must say, as I walked into the Milpitas City Hall, I had this sort of strange feeling – you know, that mixture of nervousness and not knowing anyone around you. However, after the meeting got underway, those tensions melted away. Soon after, the mayor of Milpitas Robert Livengood called me up from the audience – I can hear it now… “Is Jay Wang here tonight” – and read the entire proclamation top to bottom for the people of Milpitas to hear before presenting me with the actual proclamation. As I stood there, holding the proclamation for the cameras, I could only feel a surge of pride in what we the JRYC have been able to accomplish this year. May next year be even better!

Jay Wang

Archbishop Mitty High School ‘11


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