Hep B Awareness Week and B-Inspired Rolling. Ribbon Tying Discussion

At the 3/12/2010 meeting, we confirmed the status of the ribbon-tying cities. We found out that not only did we have to obtain the permission of the mayor, we have to contact the Public Works Department and turn in a special events permit, which requires us to count the number of trees we’re going to tie ribbons around. So we spent some time on google maps doing that.

But the main dish of the meeting came when a discussion started about the “legitimacy” (a.k.a. legitness) of inviting mayor for a ribbon tying ceremony that is not fancy at all. The concern was that it would look haphazard and unprofessional. As we talked more about this issue, we came to a consensus that because the JRYC is a group of high school students doing amazing things for an importnat cause, we should pride ourselves in what we do and not be afraid to ask the mayor for his time. It would be a previlege for the city officials to attend the ceremony. Also, the press would not be unhappy to report on this event because it is part of a larger whole– it is simply a leadin to what has been happening for several years since the creation of the Jade Ribbon Youth Council. We sometimes do not realize that what we are doing is worthy of attention from other people. Because we believe that Hepatitis B is a worthy cause, we do not have to be afraid to shout to the world “Look at us!” because we are pointing to something larger than ourselves.


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