Hepatitis B Awareness Week Update

It has been a few months since I have attended a JRYC meeting.  Though it was hard for me to let go of my JRYC, I trust that they are in the tremendous hands of Mindy and Diana.

I would first off like to commend the entire council for its continued exponential expansion of Hepatitis B Awareness Week!  The JRYC has huge plans, and I look forward to the execution of these plans as well as the partnerships formed.  I am aware of 28 cities who have signed on so far (up from 2009’s 22, 2008’s 13, and 2007’s 9)!

Next, I want to share with everyone that the JRYC’s Hepatitis B Awareness Week efforts have inspired the Team HBV Collegiate Chapters to replicate efforts as well!  While I am less familiar with other school’s events, I can tell you that the chapter at Stanford will be holding an event every day of Hepatitis B Awareness Week.  We thank the JRYC for the wonderful idea, continued efforts, and passionate advocacy.

I miss you, JRYC!




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