Yan Can Cook & Team HBV Shirt

At this moment, Cindy Lam is smiling uncontrollably, looking like a fool. Why? I just returned from Aragon High School’s Chinese New Year dinner fundraiser hosted by Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook), who has done many fundraisers for our district. Remembering JRYC’s Hep B Week plan to get pictures of celebrities with our Team HBV T-shirt, I took the opportunity to bring the T-shirt with me. It was impromptu since I wasn’t sure if I would see him up close. But after three hours of waiting for the right moment to approach him,  squeezing through a number of people wanting his autograph and a rushed but successful elevator pitch, I got a picture and an autograph on my shirt!!! He was very receptive about it. Hopefully we can contact him again for future support, and I must remember to write him a thank you letter and also send him his own shirt. Tonight, I think I will fall sleep with it by my bedside :).

“Best wishes for a successful campaign.”

-Martin Yan

Cindy Lam

Aragon High School/CSM Middle College ’11


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