More than just outreach…

The JRYC is beyond amazing (as I’m sure you all realize :D). We are HBV-awareness-spreading crusaders in our schools and communities.

But the JRYC does more than just outreach. It has given me experiences for life.

For example, with the JRYC I…

– went on my first BART/Caltrain ride

– got lost for the first time while riding BART

– visited Golden Gate Park for the first time

– ate my first peanut butter filled pretzel (nomnom)

– labeled my first vial of blood

– assembled my first needle/syringe contraption

– sat in a Korean church for the first time

– made my first website! (courtesy of Google Sites)

– read my first hepatitis B rap (word.)

– AND made lots of friends + adopted my ALC family 😀

So the JRYC is special in many ways. Once you join us, you’ll be trapped forever. But that’s a good thing.




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  1. XD I want to unzip that bear. See everyone tomorrow.

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