Yan Can Cook & Team HBV Shirt

At this moment, Cindy Lam is smiling uncontrollably, looking like a fool. Why? I just returned from Aragon High School’s Chinese New Year dinner fundraiser hosted by Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook), who has done many fundraisers for our district. Remembering JRYC’s Hep B Week plan to get pictures of celebrities with our Team HBV T-shirt, I took the opportunity to bring the T-shirt with me. It was impromptu since I wasn’t sure if I would see him up close. But after three hours of waiting for the right moment to approach him,  squeezing through a number of people wanting his autograph and a rushed but successful elevator pitch, I got a picture and an autograph on my shirt!!! He was very receptive about it. Hopefully we can contact him again for future support, and I must remember to write him a thank you letter and also send him his own shirt. Tonight, I think I will fall sleep with it by my bedside :).

“Best wishes for a successful campaign.”

-Martin Yan

Cindy Lam

Aragon High School/CSM Middle College ’11


More than just outreach…

The JRYC is beyond amazing (as I’m sure you all realize :D). We are HBV-awareness-spreading crusaders in our schools and communities.

But the JRYC does more than just outreach. It has given me experiences for life.

For example, with the JRYC I…

– went on my first BART/Caltrain ride

– got lost for the first time while riding BART

– visited Golden Gate Park for the first time

– ate my first peanut butter filled pretzel (nomnom)

– labeled my first vial of blood

– assembled my first needle/syringe contraption

– sat in a Korean church for the first time

– made my first website! (courtesy of Google Sites)

– read my first hepatitis B rap (word.)

– AND made lots of friends + adopted my ALC family 😀

So the JRYC is special in many ways. Once you join us, you’ll be trapped forever. But that’s a good thing.

nataliedee.comFrom http://www.nataliedee.com


January 25 JRYC Meeting

Hey everyone! In our last meeting we reviewed other non-profit organizations and determined what made them so unique. We analyzed their strengths and weaknesses, and what we want to incorporate into our campaign and website. Next, the group discussed our annual B-Inspired Contest and decided it was time to start discussing prompts, advertising, and prizes. Our goal this year is to get prizes such as the Beats by Dr. Dre, Warriors tickets, ipod shuffles, giftcards, scholorship money, and use Jackie Chan for advertising.

Next on the list was proclamations, which we are hoping to get from 60 cities. We want to target cities with high asian populations for maximum effect and outreach. Surprisingly enough, the JRYCs found that many cities were actually not cities. It was a great way for some of us to brush up on our Bay Area geography. Anyways, this time around we want more than just a proclamation, but to have cities engage in activities that will help spread Hepatitis B awareness, such as wearing ribbons or green colors or attaching jade ribbons to lamp posts.

Finally, during Hep B Week we brainstormed ideas such as Battle of the Bands, Texas Hold’ Em tournaments, and personal outreach events that will be held at schools.

Matt Wang