Our First Meeting of the Year

The JRYC’s first meeting of the year started out with a bang! After sharing what’s changed during winter break, we got down to business. First on the agenda, evaluating the success of our second outing: caroling at Union Square. After some discussion, we all came to the conclusion that our elevator pitches, a 30 second spiel about what the JRYC  is, needed work. We needed to make our elevator pitches more relatable to a variety of people. Furthermore we need to show them ways they can get involved and help out. Determined to give the best elevator pitch possible, the JRYC decided to practice. As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect. For our next meeting, we set a goal of elevator pitching to at least five people. We would return with adequate feedback and ways to make our elevator pitches unstoppable.

We soon turned our attention to what the future entails as we began mapping out Hep B week. Our first order of business was planning out an organized system to renew our city proclamations and hopefully attain numerous new ones. We then brainstormed things cities could do to promote Hep B week. The most prominent idea is tying jade ribbons around light posts around the city.

As our meeting neared the end, we delegated tasks to put our plans into action.

Angela Zhang

Monta Vista High School


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