Stefanie here. Today Walter and I went to volunteer at AACI, or Asian Americans for Community Involvement, in San Jose. For those that don’t know what AACI is, it is a place where people can get low-cost screenings and vaccination packages. There were about 17 volunteers in total- mostly high school students around the Bay Area and some college students. We arrived bright and early to set up for the screening and vaccination procedures. The whole room was reorganized so that customers would learn about hepatitis B, get registered, and get tested/vaccinated. This was my second time at AACI, and quite a few people came compared to my first time. I helped out at the nurses’ station, recording  patient’s vaccination information: what type of shot, how many times they had it, and on what arm they received the shot.

I am very glad that AACI offers a place for the APA community to get the proper protection against hepatitis B. At the very least, they will be informed about hep B and have the chance to find out how to deal with the ‘silent killer’. Getting screened/vaccinated allows people to face hepatitis B head-on and avoid the consequences that ignorance brings. With one less problem in their lives, I  hope that they will tell their friends and family about hep B and AACI. I look forward to volunteering more often and, along with everyone, be a step closer to eradicating hepatitis B!

Happy early MLK Jr Day!


St. Francis High School


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