2009 has run its course, and JRYC is about to face another exciting semester. How we started out as a group is amazing… Everybody is so talented, and we had so many good ideas that the meeting room was filled with brain sparks, if that makes sense. I want to start by thanking Mindy, Nicole, and Diana for being such faithful leaders and helping us to organize our ideas. It was great to have you all behind our backs as we planned various activities (especially those requiring legal permission and complex technological feats!).
I’m really excited to plan and carry out the numerous ideas that we came up with in the first semester. The project Asian is definitely impressive, and it has so much potential, just like the JRYC 🙂
I’m really glad that JRYC was able to close the semester with a great experience, carolling and “pitching” in SF. Although I couldn’t be there, I was there in spirit! What a picture it must have made, to see green elves singing around Union Square and calling out to people on a mission to save lives… sorry for the elf thing, but the poppin green shirts do look elfish… haha
I hope that everyone will get his or her thinking caps on as we meet again to discuss new exciting plans! Happy New Year!


2 Responses

  1. p.s. I’m really impressed by all the hard work that the new members (and the returning members) have put into this semester. Everyone was so professional, and knew exactly what to do 🙂

  2. I completely agree. Thank YOU all for all your amazing dedication and impressive hard work. I tell my friends about all the great energy you guys bring. Y’all impress me every meeting. It’s just so much fun to work with y’all! See you all in 2010!!


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