Last Official 2009 Meeting

Our very last meeting was packed with food, jokes, progress and at the end a smidgen of caroling. While another fruitful semester awaits us, there is still one last project we have—caroling! We have decided to sing a selection of popular Christmas songs like “Deck The Halls” and “Jingle Bells” in Union Square next week and outreach through elevator pitches, brochures, posters and other items. Look out for a group of high school students wearing bright green Team HBV shirts and Santa hats! Our earlier project, the Peter and the Wolf library skits, have been great outreach successes to kids and parents. Groups generated between 10 and 30 spectators.

We have also decided to minimize our focus on our B-Linked newsletter, so instead of a newsletter or blog digest, we will be incorporating a JRYC section into the Stanford Asian Liver Center Annual Review.  We are currently ramping up our online presence through the Team HBV site and JRYC Google site to direct more viewers to this blog.

Until our angelic voices can be heard from Union Square to wherever you may be, have a magical winter holiday.

Cindy Lam

Aragon High School/Middle College of San Mateo


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