Cupertino Library: Peter and the Wolf

On Saturday, December 5, members of the San Jose/Cupertino group tackled the Cupertino library to put on the stellar play:  Peter and the Wolf. Led by returning members Yvi and Evaline, members present included Stefanie, Angela, Anne, and myself. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone?) After some minor technical difficulties in raising the projector to the desired level (a problem settled by placing the projector upon stacked children’s books – how convenient), we were ready to go. Unfortunately, the audience wasn’t. Yet, after some serious recruitment and multiple library announcements, we had slowly amassed quite a crowd of around ten families. The play went without a hitch, but the true stars were the children. One boy, who looked to be around four years old, answered Evaline’s question “What does a vaccine do?” by answering something along the lines of “It helps make antibodies.” Talk about smart. As we wrapped up the play, we got the craft project – Make Your Own Liver – underway. I must say we had some very interesting livers – blue, purple, flowery, squiggly. You name it and it was there. Ultimately, my first Peter and the Wolf outreach was a smashing success.

On to MLK,

Jay Wang

Archbishop Mitty High School


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