First P & W

This sunny morning, the Oakland group performed Peter and the Wolf (HBV style) at the Oakland Library: Asian Branch with Jon as the grandpa and zookeeper, Matt as narrator, Patrick as the duck and me as Peter. This was the first time doing Peter and the Wolf for us, except for Patrick. The Oakland Library turned out to be a great venue located in an open Asian shopping center, and the librarians were very welcoming. It was busy with people entering constantly. Our wonderful audience consisted of parents with their 3 or 4 year olds, who were shy but very accepting. After our skit, we passed out candy to the kids then materials for them to draw and cut out livers. The kids became extremely enthusiastic about the activity. Meanwhile, we circulated brochures and letters to the parents, explaining who we are. From mingling with the crowd, we quickly realized most of the parents and children were Cantonese speakers. When given the option, they would reach out for the Chinese brochures. After a few conversations starting with English, I found myself giving that up entirely and speaking Cantonese or attempting to. I even regretted that I had not prepared a Cantonese elevator pitch and wondered if a new Chinese script would be more appropriate. Once the crowd dispersed, we wandered through the shelf aisles, asking if the browsers would want a brochure. We gave the leftover brochures to the librarian to distribute in the future.

Patrick with his new flip camera decided to wander the streets of Oakland after we were done. He lent me his other camera to practice my novice photography skills. Thus, we saw some amazing sights. It turns out that today was also America’s Childrens Parade in Oakland. Many bands were just arriving with instruments strung on their backs and Christmas hats on. On the drive back we were surprised to see or actually hear two batches of hundreds of motorcycles. And that wraps it up!

See everyone on the Monday of Finals Week,

Cindy Lam


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