Hello everyone!

It was another action packed meeting as the JRYC gathered once again o n the last day of November. We started off by going over some last minute Peter and the Wolf (skits start this Saturday!) before transitioning into our first main topic of discussion: to B (Linked) or not to B (Linked). After a quick debate over the pros and cons of our semester newsletter, the Council came to the unanimous decision of getting rid of this bulletin (it had a good run) for a more interactive Blog Digest. Next on our list was the ever-popular Project Asian, our way of reaching out to the Asian American community. This project is looking very promising as a televised interview on KTSF is in the works. And finally, the main topic of discussion: Publicity Stunts. After a tossing around of many exciting ideas, ranging from vaccines chasing viruses to high fives at escalators, we decided to settle on three main ones: HBV caroling, Doctors versus Students, and Assassin: HBV style (it really isn’t that scary).

Well, until Saturday,

Jay Wang

Archbishop Mitty High School


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