A Time for Brainstorming

The meeting began with a recap of all of the events that led up to the Collegiate Conference on Saturday, November 14th. We all had fun meeting and bonding with people passionate about fighting against Hep B. It is truly amazing to see our cause be supported across the country and the world! After our little brief recap of our exciting week we moved on to finalizing the Peter and the Wolf project (a skit the JRYC performs at libraries to educate children and their parents about our cause); however the real excitement of the meeting was planning for our Winter Outreach project. We started at the birthplace of all great ideas, a brainstorming session. Our ideas ranged from a mini gala to a Hep B boot camp at elementary schools to a fashion show with Tyra Banks (Tyra and the JRYC go way back). As we munched on our delicious Lacey cookies, we realized that we had to narrow down our ideas. After a lot of discussion and many lacey cookies later we finally narrowed it down to three ideas: a benefit concert/show, a publicity stunt, or a Facebook event; however, deep down we knew that there were many unmentioned ideas waiting to be discovered. So, the JRYC set a group goal of having each member bring an amazing idea to the next meeting.

  We concluded our meeting with a discussion about B-Linked, an online newsletter. Returning back to the birthplace of all great ideas, we attempted to find innovative ways to get more feedback from the readers.  Because B-Linked is an excellent way for the JRYC to stay in touch with the community and past JRYC and YLC members, we want to make it more interactive with our readers.  


Check back soon for updates on Peter and Wolf outings!


Angela Zhang

Monta Vista High School


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