Inaugural Collegiate Conference

Patrick and I have just returned from today’s collegiate conference, which lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 6:20 p.m. Jon and Matt stayed for the first half as well. This was actually livestreamed on Eastvillager’s homepage and created quite a few amusing echos on students’ laptops during the day. First of all, this was all pretty nostalgic for me. There were many familiar faces, Dr. So, Dr. Chao, Amy, Alena, team leaders and YLC attendees, as well as memories of the scavenger hunt. I estimated about 60 students attended and nearly half were China delegates. I definitely applaud their courage in presenting in English because I would speechless if I were to present in Chinese. The most memorable and funniest moment was when UC Berkeley’s Jen Wang spoke a short paragraph in fluent Mandarin after many English-speaking presenters, and the relieved China delegates clapped gratefully as she spoke. However, Jen quickly clarified that her Mandarin was not the best and that she would be speaking in English for the rest of the presentation. Through out the day, we heard from the college chapters in the U.S. and China about their unique projects, like the Jade Ribbon Dance and basketball tournaments. I also learned that Team HBV was expanding their social media. and are very attractive and informative sites that will increase collaboration. As the last presenters, we were asked to shorten our presentation because they were running an hour late. Thus, our presentation that had been lengthened to 10 minutes immediately shed five slides and amounted to an amazing 3 minutes. You can watch this amazing feat here: . Good night everyone! And by the way, this is my very first blog entry!

Until Monday,

Cindy Lam (Clam)


One Response

  1. Yay for Cindy’s first blog!

    And to Cindy and Patrick – EXCELLENT presentation in front of all those people! You two are so brave! Way to rep your JRYC!! Wootwoot!

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