Peter, the Wolf..and the rest of the JRYC.


Patrick here. Alright so the clever titles won’t always be spot on, but I try 🙂 Tonight’s meeting was as stellar as ever, seeing Dylan Kim (again) for about 5 seconds, and an awesome suprise visit (sorta) from Amy! Despite the lack of the facilitator/food, we grudged on with our rehearsal of the HBV version of Peter and the Wolf on 7/8th empty stomachs(thanks to Cindy’s fruit snacks). Everything went well during the run through, if you don’t count me wasting 4 times the paper from the copy machine and some members completely zoning out on their parts (Matt and Jon), but we totally got our acting faces on, and we’re ready to rock it out. Libraries beware!

Oh, and we also revised the entire script to make it more “4-year-old-friendly,” because words like “undignified” and “barbaric” don’t sound like they would be part of a toddler’s vocabulary.

We also established the suprisingly busy agenda for the week as the Chinese delegates and the collegiate chapters take a visit to Stanford to find out what the ALC and the JRYC are all about. Here’s what’s goin down:

11/10 JRYC presentation
5:30PM at Clark Center S362
11/12 Cupertino tour and dinner – Cupertino residents invited
Tour – 3PM-5:30PM
Dinner – 6PM @ Beausejour
11/14 Team HBV Collegiate Conference

8:30am – park/drop off at the Oval

So, busy busy week for everyone to say the least. We’re extremely excited to get the year started, and with all the plans for this year, that excitement will be matched.

P.S. Just found out one of our beloved members, Jessica Cheng, is having ACL surgery tomorrow morning. Keep her in your prayers, as we all will.


Patrick Domingo

Junipero Serra High School


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