A Time for Brainstorming

The meeting began with a recap of all of the events that led up to the Collegiate Conference on Saturday, November 14th. We all had fun meeting and bonding with people passionate about fighting against Hep B. It is truly amazing to see our cause be supported across the country and the world! After our little brief recap of our exciting week we moved on to finalizing the Peter and the Wolf project (a skit the JRYC performs at libraries to educate children and their parents about our cause); however the real excitement of the meeting was planning for our Winter Outreach project. We started at the birthplace of all great ideas, a brainstorming session. Our ideas ranged from a mini gala to a Hep B boot camp at elementary schools to a fashion show with Tyra Banks (Tyra and the JRYC go way back). As we munched on our delicious Lacey cookies, we realized that we had to narrow down our ideas. After a lot of discussion and many lacey cookies later we finally narrowed it down to three ideas: a benefit concert/show, a publicity stunt, or a Facebook event; however, deep down we knew that there were many unmentioned ideas waiting to be discovered. So, the JRYC set a group goal of having each member bring an amazing idea to the next meeting.

  We concluded our meeting with a discussion about B-Linked, an online newsletter. Returning back to the birthplace of all great ideas, we attempted to find innovative ways to get more feedback from the readers.  Because B-Linked is an excellent way for the JRYC to stay in touch with the community and past JRYC and YLC members, we want to make it more interactive with our readers.  


Check back soon for updates on Peter and Wolf outings!


Angela Zhang

Monta Vista High School


Inaugural Collegiate Conference

Patrick and I have just returned from today’s collegiate conference, which lasted from 8:30 a.m. to 6:20 p.m. Jon and Matt stayed for the first half as well. This was actually livestreamed on Eastvillager’s homepage and created quite a few amusing echos on students’ laptops during the day. First of all, this was all pretty nostalgic for me. There were many familiar faces, Dr. So, Dr. Chao, Amy, Alena, team leaders and YLC attendees, as well as memories of the scavenger hunt. I estimated about 60 students attended and nearly half were China delegates. I definitely applaud their courage in presenting in English because I would speechless if I were to present in Chinese. The most memorable and funniest moment was when UC Berkeley’s Jen Wang spoke a short paragraph in fluent Mandarin after many English-speaking presenters, and the relieved China delegates clapped gratefully as she spoke. However, Jen quickly clarified that her Mandarin was not the best and that she would be speaking in English for the rest of the presentation. Through out the day, we heard from the college chapters in the U.S. and China about their unique projects, like the Jade Ribbon Dance and basketball tournaments. I also learned that Team HBV was expanding their social media. Teamhbv.org and sites.google.com/site/insideteamhbv are very attractive and informative sites that will increase collaboration. As the last presenters, we were asked to shorten our presentation because they were running an hour late. Thus, our presentation that had been lengthened to 10 minutes immediately shed five slides and amounted to an amazing 3 minutes. You can watch this amazing feat here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/2559838 . Good night everyone! And by the way, this is my very first blog entry!

Until Monday,

Cindy Lam (Clam)

We’re here..at the conference..

I’m here. Cindy’s to my right. The Wang brothers (Jon and Matt) are to my left. Michelle and Cerena (Old JRYC’s) are behind me. We’re listening to Dr. So’s awesome speech about Hepatitis B. Okay maybe not. It’s awesome no doubt, but the old JRYC’s have heard this about a million times. So we’re here, but we’re not “here.”

It’s 10 minutes to 10am. We present at 5pm. There are a bunch of people (including myself) on laptops. Some on east villagers, others updating their blogs. (guilty) I see translating people in the back. Matt just asked me if we were supposed to take notes. Random (but important) quote: 1 in 20 people worldwide have Chronic Hepatitis B.

That’s essentially what we’re trying to stop. Sounds like an awesome mission statement: To reduce the number of people from 1 in 20 to 1 in 30..or is it increase?

Anyways, I’ll keep you guys, or as Mindy would say, “ya’ll,” updated. Just don’t expect me to be available around 5pm, because of the, you know, presenting part.

Another random awesome quote: 0.25 cents can get a child a Hepatitis B Shot.

I’m being reminded of something new everyday.


11/10 Pizza Party with Chinese delegates

Hello Everyone,

Today was our first meeting with the Chinese delegates. Our meeting took place at the Clark Center, a very beautiful piece of architecture, Tuesday evening from 5:30 to 7:00. The people there comprised of Anne, Anna, Stefanie and myself. At first, I must say, I was a little nervous, not knowing what to expect, but after walking into the room, I felt both relaxed and excited. We started off with a little pizza (what better way to start off?) and some chatting with our overseas guests. After a little dinner, Meredith gave a spectacular presentation explaining the various projects that ALC has done in the past and plans to do in the future, going over both San Francisco Hep B Free and San Mateo Hep B Free. She also talked about prominent politicians who have taken notice of the Jade Ribbon Campaign, people such as Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newson, and Fiona Ma. Before we knew it, it was time for our presentation. In it, we gave a general overview of the Jade Ribbon Youth Council, addressing topics such as our mission statement, objectives, and accomplishments. Ultimately, our meeting had to come to an end, but not without a nice group picture (and exchange of business cards).

Jay Wang

Archbishop Mitty High School ’11


Peter, the Wolf..and the rest of the JRYC.


Patrick here. Alright so the clever titles won’t always be spot on, but I try 🙂 Tonight’s meeting was as stellar as ever, seeing Dylan Kim (again) for about 5 seconds, and an awesome suprise visit (sorta) from Amy! Despite the lack of the facilitator/food, we grudged on with our rehearsal of the HBV version of Peter and the Wolf on 7/8th empty stomachs(thanks to Cindy’s fruit snacks). Everything went well during the run through, if you don’t count me wasting 4 times the paper from the copy machine and some members completely zoning out on their parts (Matt and Jon), but we totally got our acting faces on, and we’re ready to rock it out. Libraries beware!

Oh, and we also revised the entire script to make it more “4-year-old-friendly,” because words like “undignified” and “barbaric” don’t sound like they would be part of a toddler’s vocabulary.

We also established the suprisingly busy agenda for the week as the Chinese delegates and the collegiate chapters take a visit to Stanford to find out what the ALC and the JRYC are all about. Here’s what’s goin down:

11/10 JRYC presentation
5:30PM at Clark Center S362
11/12 Cupertino tour and dinner – Cupertino residents invited
Tour – 3PM-5:30PM
Dinner – 6PM @ Beausejour
11/14 Team HBV Collegiate Conference

8:30am – park/drop off at the Oval

So, busy busy week for everyone to say the least. We’re extremely excited to get the year started, and with all the plans for this year, that excitement will be matched.

P.S. Just found out one of our beloved members, Jessica Cheng, is having ACL surgery tomorrow morning. Keep her in your prayers, as we all will.


Patrick Domingo

Junipero Serra High School