Back In Action

The JRYC was back for yet another delightful meeting! As always, the room was brimming with the excitement and energy radiating from each and every one of the JRYC enthused members. Immediately we reached mutual agreement to begin planning our first semester outreach project–performing our favorite play, Peter and the Wolf (HBV version) at community libraries. Due to the new members of JRYC this year, we’ve chosen to broaden our horizons and expand to other libraries in the area. These include the libraries in Saratoga, Mountain View, and Oakland, in addition to the Cupertino Library and Martin Luther King Library in San Jose. After splitting into 3 groups according to location, there was much planning in the scheduling and character assignments. Then, we gathered together once again to plot our logistics and administer tasks involving contacts and supplies.

Our bustling meeting welcomed a most interesting digression from a JRYC alumni, Dylan Kim, who currently is an intern at ALC and happens to be a co-author of the Peter and Wolf HBV play. Although Dylan is not much older than most of the JRYC, he was friendly and caring enough to share with the current JRYC of his wisdom and experience from his own years on the council. The council further bonded by doing another break-the-ice activity. All we can say is that we are able to levitate our members just by lifting two fingers. Indeed, the JRYC knows how to work whilst having fun from amusing frolicking.

Unfortunately, the meeting had to come to an end as always, and the JRYC said their farewells. But the eagerness in setting forth in our outreach lingered in the air.

Yvi Le

Evergreen Valley High School, Senior


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