Ahh the smell of fresh.. Hep B Screenings?

Hello all,

This is Patrick D hittin ya’ll with some funkified knowledge (picture fly Dj radio voice). Fellow JRYC member Cindy “Clam” Lam and your very own Patrick “PDizzle” Domingo went to her first (and my fourth) Hepatitis B Screening Clinic. We met some bright faces including another fly cat named Patrick (best name ever) and gave a presentation (featuring Dr. Stephanie Chao) on Hepatitis B to the Filipino community of the Mater Dolorosa Church.

Although about 4 people showed up after the 10 o’clock mass (and two snuck past our security guards manning the door..just kidding..no security guards.. but they did manage to sneak past pretty much everyone) the 12’0 clock mass gave us about 2-3 times more people. Which is relatively a lot, but still not that many.

I absolutely enjoyed taking photographs (as I always do) and was as happy as a little school boy prancing around and clicking away with my Nikon d40. Cindy on the other hand, although she hasn’t explicitly said this,  after asking her, I’m sure never wants to man the registration table ever again.

Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I saw a lot of people from my ironically predominantly white all boys Catholic school (even my high school counselor… who, as of this writing, isn’t Filipino). Now being one of the first attempts at outreach in the Filipino community, I was expecting some hiccups, which there were, but that’s what the eval is for, which Nicole, if you’re reading this, I am diligently working on!

Well cool cats this was another “broadcast” from JRYC “Jerk” FM. Stay tuned for more super fly hits.



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