Back In Action

The JRYC was back for yet another delightful meeting! As always, the room was brimming with the excitement and energy radiating from each and every one of the JRYC enthused members. Immediately we reached mutual agreement to begin planning our first semester outreach project–performing our favorite play, Peter and the Wolf (HBV version) at community libraries. Due to the new members of JRYC this year, we’ve chosen to broaden our horizons and expand to other libraries in the area. These include the libraries in Saratoga, Mountain View, and Oakland, in addition to the Cupertino Library and Martin Luther King Library in San Jose. After splitting into 3 groups according to location, there was much planning in the scheduling and character assignments. Then, we gathered together once again to plot our logistics and administer tasks involving contacts and supplies.

Our bustling meeting welcomed a most interesting digression from a JRYC alumni, Dylan Kim, who currently is an intern at ALC and happens to be a co-author of the Peter and Wolf HBV play. Although Dylan is not much older than most of the JRYC, he was friendly and caring enough to share with the current JRYC of his wisdom and experience from his own years on the council. The council further bonded by doing another break-the-ice activity. All we can say is that we are able to levitate our members just by lifting two fingers. Indeed, the JRYC knows how to work whilst having fun from amusing frolicking.

Unfortunately, the meeting had to come to an end as always, and the JRYC said their farewells. But the eagerness in setting forth in our outreach lingered in the air.

Yvi Le

Evergreen Valley High School, Senior


Ahh the smell of fresh.. Hep B Screenings?

Hello all,

This is Patrick D hittin ya’ll with some funkified knowledge (picture fly Dj radio voice). Fellow JRYC member Cindy “Clam” Lam and your very own Patrick “PDizzle” Domingo went to her first (and my fourth) Hepatitis B Screening Clinic. We met some bright faces including another fly cat named Patrick (best name ever) and gave a presentation (featuring Dr. Stephanie Chao) on Hepatitis B to the Filipino community of the Mater Dolorosa Church.

Although about 4 people showed up after the 10 o’clock mass (and two snuck past our security guards manning the door..just security guards.. but they did manage to sneak past pretty much everyone) the 12’0 clock mass gave us about 2-3 times more people. Which is relatively a lot, but still not that many.

I absolutely enjoyed taking photographs (as I always do) and was as happy as a little school boy prancing around and clicking away with my Nikon d40. Cindy on the other hand, although she hasn’t explicitly said this,  after asking her, I’m sure never wants to man the registration table ever again.

Overall, it was an awesome experience, and I saw a lot of people from my ironically predominantly white all boys Catholic school (even my high school counselor… who, as of this writing, isn’t Filipino). Now being one of the first attempts at outreach in the Filipino community, I was expecting some hiccups, which there were, but that’s what the eval is for, which Nicole, if you’re reading this, I am diligently working on!

Well cool cats this was another “broadcast” from JRYC “Jerk” FM. Stay tuned for more super fly hits.


A New Beginning

With the Jade Ribbon Youth Council gathering for the first time this year, our first meeting focused on important (but fun!) introductions and an overview for the year. The sixteen councilmembers, a diverse group of both returning and new students, gave brief and enjoyable presentations about their backgrounds, interests, and aspirations. Though some of us had never met before, the conference room was a place where everyone was open and friendly, sharing jokes and laughter. After the presentations, in which we learned of hair-eating cows and Wikipedia-based games, we played an exciting name game involving SAT vocabulary. The council then reviewed the basic logistics for future meetings (snacks are a must!) and our hepatitis B knowledge. Naturally, with many of the councilmembers having attend the Youth Leadership Conference, everyone was ready to spread awareness and accurate information. We concluded the meeting with an outline of our events for the upcoming year and even fit in a quick brainstorm for other potential activities. Expect to see successful events like the Peter and the Wolf storytime, B Inspired Multimedia Contest, and Hepatitis B Awareness Week return this year and look out for exciting, new activities as well. Having broken the ice early and with ideas being tossed around already, the JRYC is off to a great start to the new year.

Until next time,

Daniel Ki

Monta Vista High School

Winter 2008

After busting out some snacks and drinks, we began the meeting by first going over our Semester One outreach projects.

Because of a last-minute cancellation, the Peninsula Group was unable to do their outreach at Tanforan Shopping Center. “Team Awesome” (as they have dubbed themselves), however, was not deterred in the slightest way. Instead, the team acted quickly to confirm a different venue: After much emailing back and forth, they were able to set up a table at Westlake Plaza. Here, they dispensed attractive jade stickers, offered free brochures, and — most importantly — confronted busy shoppers about the importance of hepatitis B. Although they saw well over 200 people that day, the Asian American audience was very limited and unreceptive to their message about HBV. Reflecting upon their project, the team feels that picking a more strategic location for their table would have yielded better results.

Like the Peninsula Group, the East Bay Group had its own share of problems and obstacles. In the weeks leading up to the event, the East Bay Group had prepared an amazingly creative project: By collaborating with Tapioca Express, the team was planning to place informative stickers on cups of pearl milk tea. Unfortunately, the owners of Tapioca Express — worrying that the stickers would stigmatize their sales in some weird way — shot down the idea. Quickly carrying out the rest of their project, East Bay Group worked doubly hard to distribute flyers at local parking structures. (Since this portion of the outreach was not yet complete, the team will another update at the next meeting.)

After discussing our outreach projects, we began setting deadlines for the next publication of B-Linked. After getting a draft ready by December 15th, we hope to send out the issue by December 19th. So, for all our lovely readers out there, expect a mass email very soon. 🙂

Having taken care of all the Semester One projects, we had an entire hour left to start preparing for a more exciting Semester Two!