Donuts + Discussion = Doesn’t Disappoint

If you are reading this, then it means my dramatic, overly-done, but so me, cheesy style of headings shockingly caught your attention (that or you were simply horrified by it and read on to lament my tardiness at this week’s meeting.)

But what I have to tell is phenomenal, no cosmical, no EPIC!! Trust me.  This is no exaggeration or a poor excuse of hyperbole. As in the words of one of the Jade Ribbon Youth Council members Daniel Ki, it is “AWESOME!”  And what is this Earth-shattering creation that will rock your world (excuse the redundancy, it’s a by product of my enthusiasm)??

Give it up for Daniel Kim’s B-Inspired Contest website!! (round of applause, take a bow Daniel, you deserve it!)

So while we’re munching down on some delicious chips and donuts, sipping on apple juice and soda, the focal point of the meeting is admiring this website, both aesthetically and functionally.  Our eyes were wide-open with child-like wonder as he carefully (not the mention, humorously) demonstrated how submissions for the contest would work, Daniel’s masterpiece addressing all aspects of this event, such as ensuring age consent and that no one person submitted more than once in each category.  And we could only return to a puerile state witnessing this modern Michelangelo humbly grace us with his art!!

But what fun would it be if I gave you every detail of this magical website?  Exactly, no fun at all.

But after this week’s meeting, I can tell you the following:

1. That website rocks your socks off, hands down and don’t you forget it. P.S. – Daniel Kim is a beast with the computer.

2. The B-Inspired Contest will make its debut soon (as we are working diligently to place all pieces of this spectacular mosaic in their rightful order) and it’s also going to be a huge deal so you better be a part of it (if you like inspiring others and/or prizes and/or fame) if you want to be part of the cool-Asian-scholarship-need money-creative crowd.

3. In late March, the JRYC will once again present the revival of “Peter and the Wolf” in selected libraries (screenplay written by Dylan Kim, a past JRYC member / actors to be casted / directed by Daniel Ki, Daniel Kim, and Evaline Cheng).

4. Not only is B-Inspired! coming together, but the proclamations and restaurant fund raising for Hepatitis B Week in May are progressing as well with already a few cities committed.


5. Non-chocolate sprinkled donuts own.  That’s right. But feed me anymore and you get posts like this ><

So be on the lookout for the premiere of our first annual B-Inspired Prose and Video Contest, be ready to be dazzled and B ready to B Inspired!

With a little slice of the insight pie from me to you,

Elisabeth Sum

Monte Vista High School


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