Fall Into Place

The weather may be freezing outside, but that still doesn’t cause the JRYC members’ minds to shut down! Once again, we gathered into the underground office, ahem lair, that is the starting point of all our ideas. And boy, were we productive while nibbling on tasty snacks like oranges, persimmons and Wheat Thins. Hey, we  need to be healthy too (=

For a good chunk of time, we reassembled into our groups to discuss the first outreach project this semester. We were able to review our proposals and confirm the crucial details. Also, talk about creative thinking! A wheel was called for by the Peninsula Group, and it was amazing. Bright colors, questions already on the back, wow it was a dream come true that satisfied our frugal needs. The East Bay still planned their very exciting plot to take over drink places–sticker style. Don’t worry everyone, these projects won’t stay under wraps for long. In fact, look out for the Peninsula Group patrolling Tanforan Mall and East Bay at a Tapioca Express near you. 😉

We weren’t able to run off topic this time (well…maybe a little 🙂 ) as our agenda kept us moving right along. B-Linked, our electronic newsletters to past JRYC and YLC attendees, will be launched again during this year’s winter break. Yes, people will soon be able to curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate, and their printer as they look forward to that enticing email. Articles about the outreach projects, YLC, APAVH, and health clinic screenings will be featured in this issue, along with tons of delightful pictures. Our staff includes many editors and designers to create this fabulous must-read.

It may be just the beginning of winter, but it’s never too early to plan for Hepatitis B Week this upcoming March! Right after a restful winter break, our ambitious JRYC members will contact city councils to proclaim Jade Ribbon Week. How many cities, do you ask? Twenty-eight! Not only will we attempt to have all these proclamations, but future projects targeting high schools, libraries, and other commmunity centers will be launched. Watch out Bay Area, there will be fifteen hyper motivated students coming your way! Maybe even tying jade ribbons all over your lampposts. ;D

Well, so long for now, as our next meeting won’t be until December! Meanwhile, our projects are falling into place.


yvi le

evergreen valley  high school


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