Like the first day of school, but better

Welcome to the first-ever JRYC blog! Now you can find out what we do behind closed doors in our underground bunker, er, the Asian Liver Center office. Not much can get down there, not even cell phone reception, so yes, we think we’re cool. We’d challenge you to a race in Stanford’s own underground labyrinth, Triwizard-Tournament style, but we’re much better at organizing outreaches, thank you.

So Monday we were very excited to hold our first meeting of the year. I was excited, definitely, and so much so that I came early and just chilled with the interns in the ALC office beforehand. I distinctly remember being the first to arrive last year, but I was a newbie then and worked on my homework, alone, until people eventually trickled in. Yes, I pity myself too. Anyway, returning members met new ones, seniors chatted with sophomores, and the girls basically dominated the boys by sheer number. Oh, and we threw ourselves a little “Welcome to JRYC” pizza party (mostly because 6-8 PM is prime time dinnertime). Not to dampen the festive mood or anything, but Amy, the ALC’s Outreach Coordinator, gave us a pop quiz on our knowledge of hepatitis B. We didn’t mind, because we all knew the answers (better than we knew our own names, nothing less) and because Amy has great taste in council members. 

We started right from the get-go, dividing ourselves into groups by geographic region. East Bay is well-represented this year (can I say overly? Their forces outnumber the likes of Cupertino and San Jose!), but for good reason, because the ALC has made one of its goals to reach out to the East Bay. That and the peninsula region are going to be our targets this semester. Ready or not, here we come! I can tell that everyone is going to get along so well, what with all that people had to contribute. My meeting notes were a mess because everyone talked so much, even speaking over one another at times! See, we’re like a family already, interrupting one another at dinner to tell our parents about our day. Except people don’t really do that anymore. And we’re much more respectful than that. 

It was a pretty successful meeting, I must say. I came home with many ideas for our outreach project already swimming in my head, and a box of pepperoni pizza to boot. JRYC meetings always make us feel so accomplished, partly because we have a good reason (that doesn’t involve Facebook or excessive procrastination) for staying up late that night doing homework. But mostly because we have a great balance of creative and pragmatic thinkers that allows us to get things done and do them well. This week was a brainstorm session, so hopefully we’ll have some specifics about our projects by next meeting. Good luck to the new members as they make their way down to the ALC office on their own, and see you in two weeks!


Cerena Chen

Senior, Archbishop Mitty High School


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